Room Cancellation and Payment Policies

Please read the policy for your type of room reservation.

One or Two Rooms Reserved
(Different Requirements for Football and Graduation – see below)

Payment - Charges made on day of arrival in person at check in or before arrival if receiving after hours entry instructions.

Cancellation - Cancel reservations at least 3 days before check-in at no charge. Cancellations made after that are charged for up to 3 days.

Group Room Reservations are those that are guaranteed by one person for three or more rooms.

  • Payment required at 90 days before check-in.

Cancellation for the Group guest rooms:

  • More than 90 days is no charge.
  • Less than 90 days subject to re-booking (if possible) less a 10% handling fee.
  • Refunds may be made by check.

Football Weekend and Graduation Weekend


  • Graduation reservations are charged in January of graduation year.
  • Football reservations are charged 90 days in advance of the reservation.


  • Cancel 30 days before reservation check-in for full refund.
  • Cancel after 30 days to check-in for refund provided the room is re-booked less a 10% handling fee.
  • Refunds may be made by check.

Invalid Payment Information

Invalid payment information will result in a cancelled reservation.  Attempts will be made to contact booker to correct the payment method using email and phone number provided.  If booker cannot be contacted, reservation will be cancelled. No entry instructions provided if payment information is invalid.


How to Cancel a Reservation

If you want to cancel your reservation made on our site please give notice in writing to When you receive a reply your cancellation is confirmed. Group reservations should be cancelled much earlier to avoid fees.

You can call the innkeepers by cell 734-417-7223 and leave a message. Your cancellation is confirmed when you receive an email back acknowledging it.

If you booked at,, expedia etc. please let us know you are canceling and be sure to cancel your reservation at the site where you made it otherwise cancellation fees will be charged.


What if my reservation is for more than 1 day?

Multi-day reservations not cancelled 3 days in advance will be charged for up to 3 days of the date the cancellation is received by email.

What if I don’t like my room?

Please look at the website to learn about the features of the room you want to book. Call us with any questions before booking a room if necessary. If you don’t like your room we will offer you another room if one is available.

If something is missing please tell us so we can help you. We like to help our guests whenever we can.

Cancellations on the day of arrival are subject to the cancellation policy.