Front Porch, Front Yard and Patios

Running the length of the Main House, this impressive 54 foot long by 8 foot wide front porch offers small dining tables with cheerful red umbrellas in warmer months, perfect for dining or relaxing. 

Connected to the Event Hall and overlooking our expansive front lawn, this porch can serve many purposes during your event and is a splendid location for group photos to memorialize your special event at Stone Chalet!

Next to the formal dining room veranda is the Pergola Patio. Partially covered by the large overhang on the side of the house, this garden area is ideal for bar or buffet, dining tables and chairs, or theater seating surrounding the gazebo. Outdoor furnishings including chairs and tables are available to meet your events’ unique needs.

The reception porch at the entrance to the Event Hall features a rustic bench and sectionals, offering another flexible outdoor space for receiving guests or relaxing outside. This is on the Berkshire side of Fellowship Hall. And the opposite side of Fellowship hall is the Stone Courtyard. This visual extension of space to the outdoors makes Fellowship Hall feel large and connected to the outside as well as increases its functionality as a gathering space.

All the outside areas are available with the full property rental. Please ask for details when making your plans as to which spaces are included with your rental.

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