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Stone Chalet Inn and Event Center

How to Check-in, Get in and Parking Information

Need help from and to the DTW airport?

DTW airport shuttle service is now available as an add on to all room reservations. Please call 866-382-6542 or email us at least 2 days prior to your arrival.

Coming for a tour? Read below.

Checking into the B&B? Read Guest Room Entrance a bit below. This includes late night check in with entry instructions. Parking. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Standard check-in time is from 4 – 6 pm. If you need an early arrival or want to drop off bags early please arrange with the innkeeper.

Reception Entrance

Although our street address is 1917 Washtenaw Avenue, our Reception Entrance and guest room entrances are both on Berkshire Road.  Guests and visitors cannot enter through the bright red door to the Main House from Washtenaw Avenue.

Reception Entrance at Stone Chalet

Visiting the Inn for a tour?

Please park your car on Berkshire. The Reception Entrance is just beyond the corner of Washtenaw Avenue. Follow the covered walkway on Berkshire Road to our Reception entrance door and ring the bell for entry. Please wait patiently as our property is vast and our staff is small so it may take us a few minutes to get to the door. You can also call or text us at 734-417-7223 upon your arrival. Either way, we appreciate your patience as we make our way to greet you. For the security and privacy of our other guests, please do not attempt to enter through any other doors on the property. 

Guest Room Entrance – Walkway that Leads to the Parsonage Door

Parsonage Entrance

All B&B Guests Will Enter Through the Parsonage:

Park on Berkshire near this entrance. It is the second one off of Washtenaw Avenue. Please walk to the Parsonage door and use your code to get in. The Parsonage entrance is down the sidewalk under this pergola, the second one from Washtenaw Avenue. There is a keypad on the door. Just enter your code or press the top of it and the numbers will light up making it easier to see at night. Below is the entry keypad on the Parsonage door.

Parsonage Door Keypad Where You Enter your Door Code

Parsonage Door Up Close
The entry keypad on the Parsonage door

The keypad is above the door handle. Enter your code on the keypad. If it’s dark you can touch SCHLAGE on the top of the keypad and the numbers will illuminate.

Wait for the mechanism to unlock the door before trying to get in or it might get stuck and you’ll have to try it several times to get it to work.

Parking Your Car On Berkshire

Parking on Berkshire Road is free and typically plentiful. Please pay attention to all signage and do not block any driveways or walkways.  Please secure your vehicle by locking all doors.  Guests and visitors to Stone Chalet are solely responsible for adhering to all posted parking rules and restrictions, as well as for the security of their vehicle.

Park your car of Berkshire

Please park your car on Berkshire Road. You can park anywhere between the signs. But Please:

  • Keep All Walkways Clear.
  • Keep All Driveways Clear.
  • Park completely on the correct side of parking sign edges.
  • Lock your car doors.

Park near the second pergola away from Washtenaw for the shortest distance to your room. Parking is free, convenient, safe and close to your room when you park on Berkshire.

Don’t Worry About the Parking Signs, Just Make Sure to Park in the Zone

Parking Sign

Yes. You Can Park Here! It Says So.

  • Weekend parking is from Friday at 4pm until Monday at 10am with no restrictions.
  • Weekday parking is two hours at a time between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. This means you don’t have to move your car from overnight parking until 10am. You can also park your car after 4pm and leave it overnight.
  • If you need us to move your car in the middle of the day we can do that for you.

Smoking is NOT allowed in any room and anywhere on property grounds and we DO NOT tolerate smoking of any kind in or on property grounds. If smoking is discovered, it will be a VIOLATION of our policy and will result in immediate CANCELLATION of your reservation with NO REFUNDS. In addition, A $450 plus tax smoking damage and cleaning fee will be added to each room after checkout if this policy is violated. Guests may smoke on the sidewalk on the east side of the property on Birkshire or on the sidewalk in front of the building on Washtenaw Ave.

Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast Inn

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logo for stone chalet bed and breakfast inn and event center in ann arbor michigan

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