May 28, 2020

take a ride in a boober pedicab

Transportation Methods Available in Ann Arbor

Need a Ride From Detroit Metro Airport?

Ann Arbor Metro Airport Shuttle

Ann Arbor Metro Shuttle (734) 507-9220

Eddie is the owner and driver of this business.  He’s a very nice person and he and his wife will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the door. He’ll take you back too.  Ask him for the special Stone Chalet rate.

Public Transportation

There are various way to get around in Ann Arbor, including buses, The Ride, and University of Michigan buses.  NOTE:  Ann Arbor busses are currently running on a reduced schedule.  University of Michigan busses are not operating right now.

The Ride

Ann Arbor has a pretty good bus system that is underutilized. You’ll probably always find a spot to sit.  Go to for the bus routes and schedules. There are 2 bus stops on Washtenaw, one a block south and one a block north of Stone Chalet. This bus that stops near Stone Chalet is the Route 4 Bus – Washtenaw.

Plan a bus trip here.

The bus stop heading out of town (south east) is:

  • Stop 3.5 W- Washtenaw Ave opp Wayne St. (#1184), which is a block north and across the street from Stone Chalet.

The bus stops heading into town are:

  • Stop 5.4 E- Washtenaw Ave north Devonshire (#1229), a block south east of us on our side of street.
  • Stop 5.5 E- Washtenaw Ave north of Wayne (#1230), a block north west on our side of street.

University of Michigan Buses

University of Michigan buses serving students and faculty of the University of Michigan.



We recommend searching this phrase in google for a list of current taxi services in Ann Arbor:    taxi cab company ann arbor

Uber Ann Arbor

Try Lyft
Use the code STONECHALET. This promo code will grant any new Lyft user 2 free rides up to $10 each. The following link can be used:

The above link will prompt new users to enter their phone number and send them a download link with this promo code included.

Another way to share the code is to downloaded the app, then  enter the code under settings, then “Promos” then “Add Promo code”.



Amtrak The train station is less than 2 miles from here.


Ann Arbor Transportation Guide

The Visit Ann Arbor website has a summary of transportation option to review.  You can visit that site by clicking here.

The MOST Fun – Ann Arbor Pedicabs!

take a ride in a boober pedicab

They are called Boober Tours.  If you’re looking for a fun way to get about, this is it!


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